Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Summer Coffee Recipes

Summer is in the air and so is the graduation season. College and high school students around the world will be celebrating graduations over the next few months. We all know one of the *most* important parts of the graduation party is the menu. So spice up your Summer par-tay menu with these great coffee recipes that will surly make a Summer classic a phenomenal recreation.

Our first recipe will be a great side dish with burgers, franks or sausage -Brandied Coffee Baked Beans. These only take about ten minutes to prepare and spice up traditional baked beans with molasses, brandy and of course, coffee.

Coffee Barbecue Sauce -the second recipe- is a great glaze for meats prepared on the grill. The coffee gives this Summer fav an extra kick of tang.

The third recipe is a light and aromatic, fresh citrus side of Coffee Risotto. This side would be great with fish or sandwiches. Another ten minute recipe that combines instant coffee, with two popular Summer flavors vanilla and orange. This recipe will surely surprise your graduation party guests.

And finally, we can't forget dessert! Guests will be delighted by Palm Beach Brownies with Chocolate Covered Mints! These brownies are extra rich thanks to the espresso added to the mix.

Try some or all of these coffee recipes at your grad party and congrats to all who are taking the next step and celebrating their academic accomplishments.

Take some pics of yourself and your guests at your grad party (enjoying a cup of joe or a coffee recipe) and share them with The Pittsburgh Coffee Pot! Post them on Facebook (link to The Pittsburgh Coffee Pot FB page via the side bar on the right) or e-mail them to and they will be posted on the blog!

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