Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Local Coffee Shops with The Worst Service

I know a lot of people are not going to like this post because it may mention one or more of their favorite local coffee shops, however I feel that this list of the three local shops with the worst service has been warranted. If you disagree, feel free to share a comment and tell The Pittsburgh Coffee Pot, why that shop doesn't deserve to be on the worst service list.

Here we go...

(1) Kiva Han - I visit this shop often, that's no lie, because they have great coffee and great food. Plus the atmosphere is the classic 'quirky college coffee shop' and it certainly pleases, but the service does not. Almost every time I visit Kiva Han, alone or with friends, and place an order something from the order is usually forgotten. Some may say that is a trivial mistake, but I work in customer service, and one important rule is to always be attentive to the paying customer and when an employee can never seem to get an order straight, it can be a turn off. Needless to say, the end result is always up to par and I wouldn't stop giving Kiva Han my service.

(2) The Beehive - I haven't been to The Beehive in over a year and don't plan on ever going back. This is definitely one of the coffee shops with the worst service. The employees are rude and to top if off, the coffee isn't even that great. The atmosphere at The Beehive is unwelcoming in my opinion and not worth putting up with for a cup of coffee when there is so many other great local places.

(3) Morning Glory Coffeehouse - This shop takes the cake for bad service. The food is great, the coffee is so-so (the fancy cappuccino art that make in the foam deserves more recognition) and the service is terrible. This shop has such an attitude about that totally ostracises many of the local community members who would otherwise frequently visit this very convenient shop. This is the closest shop to me, out of the three of this list, and I hardly ever go to it. I always feel unwelcome when I visit this shop. When it was first opening I know a lot of the local community members were apprehensive at first, however the social gap can not be closed if the shop itself refuses to stop being apprehensive to the community.

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