Monday, April 5, 2010

Pocket Coffee -A Sweet, Bite Size Treat

So, yesterday the Easter Bunny ;) left me a sweet treat in my basket, Ferrero's Pocket Coffee. I'm sure some of may have never heard of this chocolate before.

Ferrero America is the company that produces Ferrero Rocher chocolates, however the Ferrero Italy branch of the company is responsibile for Pocket Coffee and other imported favorites, Nutella and Kinder.

Pocket Coffee is a creamy, dark choclate shell, when bitten, releases a gush of espresso. It's very rich and very surprising. I didn't expect this candy to be so full of coffee, I though there would just be a small dab, not a mouthfull! This truely is a shot of Italian espresso in your pocket!

I have noticed this treat, as well as other Ferrero Italia products at Pennsylvania Macaroni Company in the historic, Strip District. I also found another great review of this product at CandyBlog.
Watch a YouTube video for Pocket Coffee here!
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  1. I love this candy! I was also surprised at it truly being a shot. PennMac raised their price on this by a lot recently.

  2. Oh have they? How much does PennMac sale it for now?

  3. I can't remember for sure, but I want to say around $4.00! I believe it used to be around $2.00. I haven't been there for a little while though so don't quote me on that :-)