Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Half Price Books: Bargain Bar

This weekend I visited the Half Price Books location on McKnight Road in the North Hills. I go to Half Price Books, a lot. Half Price Books is a used and new book store, which opened it's first location in 1972 in Dallas, TX. Half Price Books sales books, magazines, dvds, cds, vinyl albums and more at discounted prices. You can even turn in your old books and other items for a stipend. Half Price Books stores are in 16 states, with four Pennsylvania locations:

  • Ross Park Mall Area 4932 McKnight Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15237

  • Monroeville Area 3757 William Penn Hwy. Monroeville, PA 15146

  • Robinson Area 219 Summit Park Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15275

  • South Hills Area 4000 Oxford Dr. Bethel Park, PA 15102

This weekend when I was at Half Price Books I noticed something more that the North Hills location offers that made my visit even more enjoyable, a complimentary coffee bar. That's right. One of my favorite things to encounter. If featured fresh brewed coffee, a few different varieties of powdered creamers and various sugar packets. This coffee was deliciously warm and pleasant as I sipped out it and browsed through dvds and books.

Also, another complimentary coffee bar alert! The new Market District Giant Eagle at Robinson, 100 Settlers Ridge Center Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15205, features a free sample coffee bar at the far left side of the super-duper market, past the pharmacy and right next door to the olive oil and vinegar bar (take the virtual tour here). This is quite possibly the largest and most intricut Giant Eagle I have ever been in. At this coffee bar you can also pick from a vast selection of coffee beans, grind them yourself or have the Giant Eagle employee grind them for you for purchase. And for you tea-lovers, the Market District coffee bar was also featuring fresh brewed tea samples.

Is there a complimentary coffee bar that The Pittsburgh Coffee Pot doesn't know about? Share it with us!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Special Thanks...

After I made a visit to the Steamers coffee shop Downtown last week, I realized how much I appreciate all of my followers and readers of The Pittsburgh Coffee Pot! It's great to know that my blog posts are being read and enjoyed by many.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Pocket Coffee -A Sweet, Bite Size Treat

So, yesterday the Easter Bunny ;) left me a sweet treat in my basket, Ferrero's Pocket Coffee. I'm sure some of may have never heard of this chocolate before.

Ferrero America is the company that produces Ferrero Rocher chocolates, however the Ferrero Italy branch of the company is responsibile for Pocket Coffee and other imported favorites, Nutella and Kinder.

Pocket Coffee is a creamy, dark choclate shell, when bitten, releases a gush of espresso. It's very rich and very surprising. I didn't expect this candy to be so full of coffee, I though there would just be a small dab, not a mouthfull! This truely is a shot of Italian espresso in your pocket!

I have noticed this treat, as well as other Ferrero Italia products at Pennsylvania Macaroni Company in the historic, Strip District. I also found another great review of this product at CandyBlog.
Watch a YouTube video for Pocket Coffee here!
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