Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Coffe Kids

I found this web site,, yesterday when I was surfing the web.

This is an organization that helps coffee-farming families improve their quality of life. Their staff works with local organizations in Latin America to create programs in education, health awareness, micro credit and food security. These efforts allow coffee farmers to reduce their dependence on the volatile coffee market.

Anyone can help by donating or supporting members. There are already over 400 businesses that support this organization.

You can check out the ck blog or web site for more info!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An Interesting Story

So this is pretty funny! The other day some family friends came over to visit and exchange (belated) Christmas gifts.

After talking for awhile, they gave me my gift. A $20 Gift Certificate to Istanbul (formerly Your Inner Vagabond) and a set of gift cards equaling $10 for Mocha Marianne's (formerly Bank Tower Coffee). I thanked them and they giggled to themselves, explaining they had quite a story to tell me.

In the weeks before Christmas, they were trying to decide what kind of gift to get me. They wanted to buy a gift card, but they wanted to buy one that was unique. They knew I loved coffee and decided to do some research for some cool and different places on the web.

When they sat down at the computer, they searched for unique coffee shops in Pittsburgh and stumbled across what they called "a great coffee blog". Unbeknownst to them, it was mine! They couldn't believe what they found.

Wrap-up -Christmas Countdown Tips

Tip #25: Merry Christmas!

Tip #24: It's Christmas Eve! Enjoy an elegant dinner at Enrico's Ristorante in Shady Side and finish off dessert with a cup of La Prima Espresso.

Tip #23: Treat a special female coffee lover with coffee themed jewlery from

Tip #22: Find unique coffee ornaments at Cafe and trim the tree!

Tip #21: Bring a warm travel mug full of your fav brew with you when picking out a real Christmas tree.

Tip #20: "Music for Coffee Beings" is a great stocking stuffer for the coffee drinker that loves great coffee tunes. Buy at

Tip #19: Be charitable this season and volunteer to serve coffee (and meals) at a homeless shelter or a nursing home.

Tip #18: Include children in the holiday coffee and conversation by serving them a decaffeinated blend.

Tip #17: Shop for coffee colored clothing at

Tip #16: Stick to news years resolutions and drink fresh brewed coffee, with zero calorie sugar and zero calorie creamer instead of buying coffee shop drinks loaded with sugar and empty calories.

Tip #15: Instead of milk and cookies, maybe Santa would like like some fresh brewed coffee. The extra jolt would help him get through Christmas Eve.

Tip #14: There are tons of coffee books to give as a gift to a coffee lover. Try Chicken Soup for The Coffee Lover's Soul.

Tip #13: If the hustle and bustle and the holiday and new year season is making you drag, try coffee flavored caffeine supplements to give you a boost.

Tip #12: Give a gift card! Your Inner Vagabond coffee house has changed to Istanbul, a Mediterranean Eatery and Lounge. It still has the same great atmosphere, food, coffee and live music.

Tip #11: If you run out of peppermint flavored coffee and you're in a jam, try placing a few tabs of peppermint mints on top of your ground coffee. When the water filters through while the coffee is brewing, it will flavor the coffee.