Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Countdown: Hint #3: The Joy of Cookies Tour

The Pittsburgh Coffee Pot's
Christmas Countdown!
There are 21 days until Christmas!
Hint #3: The Joy of Cookies Tour
Looking for a festive night out on the town? Go to Lawrenceville's tenth annual The Joy of Cookies Cookie Tour.
The Cookie Tour began last night on December 3 and continues until December 6.
>Times of Event: Friday- 10am to 8pm
Saturday- 10am to 6pm
& Sunday- 11am to 5pm
The Cookie Tour features 21 cookie stops that span from the intersection of McCandless St. and Butler St. all the way to the intersection of Butler and 36th Street. That's about 2 miles long!
The Cookie Tour also boasts 10 Take A Break stops where patrons are welcome to grab a bit to eat and grab a steaming hot cup of coffee.
Some of the Cookie Stops (marked with LV's signature Gingerbread Cookie signs) are new to the area, like Wildcard, while others are community staples, such as Wagner Quality Shoes.
For a complete list of participating businesses and a map of the tour route please visit
I will be attending the Cookie Tour for the first time be sure to check back at The Pittsburgh Coffee Pot blog for my take on the event.

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