Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Response to Bee Hive Comment

I always read all of the comments, good or bad, left on The Pittsburgh Coffee Pot and I appreciate them all.

Jamie left the following comment on my most recent post -

I wish you East Enders would stay on your side of the river and
quit bashing everything on the South Side. If the Bee Hive is not your cup of
tea stay away, it is a joint for locals not for everyone from all overr the
  • First off, I'd like to say that The Pittsburgh Coffee Pot is an open opinion forum and everyone's thoughts and comments are welcome. I don't expect every reader to agree with what I think and I wouldn't want that, because that wouldn't be very fun anyway. However, just like readers opinions are respected, The Pittsburgh Coffee Pot's opinions should be as well.
  • This blog is all about Pittsburgh coffee and that includes every Pittsburgh neighborhood, not just the East End or the South Side, etc. Though I may live on the East End, I'm still Pittsburgher, just like everyone on the South Side.
  • Secondly, I love the South Side and I frequent that area of town very often. There's lots of places of I love there. I spend time all over the city and all around areas surrounding the city. There are places I don't like and I do like, everywhere.
  • So, to sum it up, this blog is one coffee lover's opinion for everyone, just like the Bee Hive or any other place is a public business for anyone who wants to go to it.
  • Thanks and keep looking for what's brewing at The Pittsburgh Coffee Pot!

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