Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pittsburgh's Best Kept Coffee Secrets

Pittsburgh is a city with a lot of options for the coffee lover. This is my list of the five best kept coffee secrets in the Burgh.

(1) Your Inner Vagabond
>Located in Lawrenceville
Your Inner Vagabond boasts itself as a world cafe. This shop features a wide range of coffee drinks, lite menu options and desserts imspired by cultures around the world. There is a heavy Turkish theme in items on the menu and in the shop's decor. Your Inner Vagabond also hosts a variety of events, such as movie showings, art exhibitions and belly dancing classes. The cafe can also be rented for weddings or private parties. This is definitly one of the most unique coffee shops in the city.

(2) Uptown Coffee
>Located in Mt. Lebanon
This shop is very quiant and peaceful. It's the kind of place you go to catch up with friends, quietly read a book or grab a cup of coffee before heading to work. The menu has a lot of drink choices, including coffee and tea. One of the best food features is "build-your-own" cafe sandwhich, which allows you to pick your choice of bread, deli meat, cheese and veggies. The result is one fresh and tasteful meal. This coffee shop definelty has a great home away from home feel.

(3) Bank Tower Coffee Shop
>Located Downtown
This coffee shop is located on the first floor of The Bank Tower in Downtown Pittsburgh on the corer of Wood Street and 4th Avenue. This shop has great coffee and great treats. It's hidden away in the shadows of the city skyscrapers and definitely one of the most unnoticed hot spots for coffee in the Burgh. This shop only takes cash, so remember to carry a couple bucks with you when you're Downtown working, shopping or attending an event. When one of the shops regular customers forgets the dough they offer to keep a tab for you, which is a kind gesture many places don't offer this day. This shop reminds me of an old time business with modern delights.

(4) Crepes Parisennes
>Located in Shady Side and Oakland
If you are a lover of anything French, anything unique, or anything cultural this is without a doubt one of the best places for you and one of the best places, period, in Pittsburgh. The Shady Side location is the original one and if its possiable I suggest going there, but you better go early because the places feels up quick and on Saturdays its difficult to find an empty seat. The Shady Side Crepes' atmospehere has the feel of an authentic Paris cafe with stone walls and traditional symbols of Paris' culture, such as the country's flag and the Effiel Tower. The menu is large with, you guessed it! Crepes galore! Some of sweet and filled with fruit preserves or chocolate and others are savory, with veggies and a small side salad. The coffee is strong, bitter and delicieux.

(5) Rivers Casino
>Located on the North Shore.
This last best kept secret may seem like a surprise, but this is definitely one of the best secrets Burgh coffee lovers will want to snoop out. At the Rivers Casino there are several complementary soda and coffee bars scattered throughout the casino. So, while you are enjoying the slots on a night out on the town you don't have to worry about dragging late in the evening when you can enjoy a complimentary coffee and keep on going! When I visited the casino the first week it opened, I didn't leave with any extra money in my pocket, however I did leave with my free warm cup of Joe!

Share your experiences at these shops with The Pittsburgh Coffee Pot or tell us your best kept coffee secret in the Burgh!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Response to Bee Hive Comment

I always read all of the comments, good or bad, left on The Pittsburgh Coffee Pot and I appreciate them all.

Jamie left the following comment on my most recent post -

I wish you East Enders would stay on your side of the river and
quit bashing everything on the South Side. If the Bee Hive is not your cup of
tea stay away, it is a joint for locals not for everyone from all overr the
  • First off, I'd like to say that The Pittsburgh Coffee Pot is an open opinion forum and everyone's thoughts and comments are welcome. I don't expect every reader to agree with what I think and I wouldn't want that, because that wouldn't be very fun anyway. However, just like readers opinions are respected, The Pittsburgh Coffee Pot's opinions should be as well.
  • This blog is all about Pittsburgh coffee and that includes every Pittsburgh neighborhood, not just the East End or the South Side, etc. Though I may live on the East End, I'm still Pittsburgher, just like everyone on the South Side.
  • Secondly, I love the South Side and I frequent that area of town very often. There's lots of places of I love there. I spend time all over the city and all around areas surrounding the city. There are places I don't like and I do like, everywhere.
  • So, to sum it up, this blog is one coffee lover's opinion for everyone, just like the Bee Hive or any other place is a public business for anyone who wants to go to it.
  • Thanks and keep looking for what's brewing at The Pittsburgh Coffee Pot!