Monday, February 16, 2009

Poll Results!: 21st Street Coffee &Tea Voted Best 'Burgh Coffee Shop

The Pittsburgh Coffee Pot's first poll has come to a close and the results are in!

Bloggers voted 21st Street Coffee & Tea the best 'Burgh coffee shop. I have, of course, been to 21st Street Coffee before and in my opinion it is one of Pittsburgh's most underrated coffee shops.

It is located in the heart of The Strip District ( at 50 21st Street, Pittsburgh PA 15222) and the shop also has a smaller location inside the Frick Building Lobby, Downtown (437 Grant Street, Pittsburgh PA 15219). 21st Street Coffee's Strip District location is a cool and calm contrast to the common bustling and busy Strip District. The coffee shop is an earthy oasis destination, the perfect place to cool down in the summer and to warm up on a chilly Pittsburgh day.

The shop's employees are welcoming and friendly. And above all the shop's menu is a coffee lovers dream. I have of course tried their coffee and I've had their espresso. The shop's use of the French Press to brew their coffee results in a surprisingly refreshing and clear cup of Joe.

Also, tea lovers do not fret! Take it from me and my first hand experience, 21st Street Coffee's iced chai latte is excellent.

**Read more info about 21st Street Coffee & Tea in an article I wrote for Point Park University's newspaper, The Globe, here!

Kiva Han and Crazy Mocha both tied for second place in the poll.
An anonymous blogger wrote in their vote for E
nrico's Tazza d'oro, Aldo Coffee and Voluto Coffee.

Attention bloggers! Be sure to keep an eye out for The Pittsburgh Coffee Pot's next poll...coming soon!

Did you agree or disagree with poll results? Comment about them!

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  1. Gloria- thanks for the nice mention. In my opinion if we are talking about the best "coffee" in Pittsburgh you should include (in no particular order) Aldo, Blue Horse, and Tazza d'Oro. I don't think it will be long before you include Voluto in that group as well. By my criteria, these are all places where you can get a great shot of espresso, enjoy a black coffee, and have a meaningful discussion with the knowledgable baristas.