Monday, February 2, 2009

My Favorite Coffee Mate

Hello all,

First I would like to thank Jess and Sarah for commenting on my last post . They both shared how they too enjoy the camaraderie between coffee drinkers that I enjoy.

Another thing I enjoy, as a coffee connoisseur, is the ability to experiment with a variety of coffee flavors and added ingredients. One of my favorite things to add to a cup of coffee is a flavored creamer.

Coffee and cream go hand and hand and the more decadent and unique the creamer is the more I desire to try it. My favorite brand of coffee creamer is Coffee-Mate. I also like to try some of the International Delight creamers.

In the fall, I like to use a pumpkin coffee creamer. During the holiday season I alternate between gingerbread, peppermint and, my personal favorite, eggnog. Right now, I have a hazelnut creamer in my refridgerator.

But, my all time favorite coffee creamer is Coffee-Mate's World Cafe Collection- Italian Sweet Creme. It's not too rich that it's overpowering and it's not too dull that you can't taste the flavor. When I'm pressed for time or if I don't feel like making a coffee drink that is more involved I'll make a cup of french roast coffee and I'll add a tablespoon of Italian Sweet Creme creamer. It's just right!

You can view all of Coffee-Mate's products, ingredients and nutritional information at the Coffee-Mate Official Web site.

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  1. Very nice!! I see you answered my question, too! Obviously, I agree with your favorite brand of creamer :) I was hoping it would spur a new idea for a post! Mission accomplished!