Tuesday, February 17, 2009

21st Street Coffee Comment Response

21st Street Coffee & Tea left this comment on my previous blog entry announcing the Pittsburgh Coffee Pot's first poll results.

Gloria- thanks for the nice mention. In my opinion if we are talking about the best "coffee" in Pittsburgh you should include (in no particular order) Aldo, Blue Horse, and Tazza d'Oro. I don't think it will be long before you include Voluto in that group as well. By my criteria, these are all places where you can get a great shot of espresso, enjoy a black coffee, and have a meaningful discussion with the knowledgable baristas.

I definitely agree that there are several coffee shops in Pittsburgh where coffee lovers can enjoy a countless number of great coffee drinks. 21st Street Coffee and the other shops mentioned in their comment, along with many other shops, offer some of the "best" coffee. And The Pittsburgh Coffee Shop will no doubt be reviewing and highlighting everyone of the best 'Burgh shops and what they each offer!

Keep checking The Pittsburgh Coffee Pot for polls, interactive posts, shop reviews and more!

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